Đặng Thị Bảo Ngọc

Why Bo Cau?

Why is Bo Cau?

I got the nickname is Bo Cau because of my eyes the same dove (White Dove).

Since April 2018 I have been living in Slovenia. By writing a blog, I want everyone know about the people, foods, scenic, traditions in Vietnam.

I will write about foods, drinks and myself.


You will be able to read a lot about Vietnam here.


Many interesting dishes (Vietnamese, Korean and Thai).


Vietnam is known for good tea and coffee.


Vietnam is a beautiful country, you will find out more about it here.

Meeting of Vietnamese citizens in Slovenia

Every year, the Vietnamese Embassy in Austria organizes a meeting of Vietnamese citizens living in Slovenia. My husband and I attended it for the first time this year. In view of our feelings after the meeting, we will continue to attend. We also met other families, made contacts...